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Cold dishes

– Potatoes and Seaweed Salad (sea lettuce, wakame, salicornia, prawn, smoked tuna, olives, potatoes, garlic and oil dressing with manzanilla sherry wine)

– House tuna pie with toasties

– Cod liver with toasties

– Mussels from Galicia in their own juice (6ud./12ud.)

– Clams from Cádiz bay cook with fino sherry 16€

– Iberian 100% bellota ham from Huelva (100g.)

– Wagyu carpaccio with coated cheese and basil oil (Burgos)

– Crispy salmon and cod with avocado hummus

Hot dishes

– Cup of “puchero” broth

– Mixed vegetable grill (peppers, onions, courgette, aubergine, tomato and mushrooms)

– Coquinas (small clams) from the Bay of Cadiz with Sherry wine (250 g)

– Prawn and salicornia croquettes (6/12 un.)

– Scrambled eggs with seafood: mussels, seaweed, eggs, brandy and fish broth

– Barquillas of iberian pork lagarto: strips of acorn-fed pork,served with wheat pancakes, guacamole, tomato, cream of local goat’s cheese and crunchy leek (2 un.)

Salads on my beach

– Del Mar: Prawns, sea lettuce, smoked tuna and cherry tomato

– Catalina: Tomatoes, confit of cod, avocado, cheese, dill oil and gherkins

-Vegetarian: Mixed leaves, lamb’s lettuce, tomatoes, roasted peppers andonions, red onions and pesto dressing with croutons

– Atlantic: marinated tuna and cod, samphire in soy and oil dressing,beetroot, red onion confit, beetroot vinaigrette and seafood cream

– Caleta: salmon, samphire, lettuce, ginger, soy sauce, cherry tomatoes and fried wakame

– Balneario: red tuna and salmon poke, rice, avocado, mango, wakame, cucumber, onion and red curry cream.

Our gourmet hamburguers

Heifer meat (cow aged 18 months – 3 years) 20-30 min.

– Special: 200 gr. heifer meat serrano ham, manchego cheese and mushroom

– Cádiz: 260 gr. of Retinto beef, crispy Iberian pork and chicharron, Payoyo cheese cream and Oloroso (Sherry wine) sauce and onion

*All our burgers are served with lettuce, tomato and homemade fries.


Minimum 2 people and 30 min.

– Seafood rice price per person

– Black rice with cuttlefish

Enjoy our sea

– Candied cod with gratiéed garlic mayonnaise on a algae velouté

– Premium cod loin (grilled) with crispy leeks on a bed of hummus

– Salmon fillet with vodka teriyaki sauce

Almadraba wild red tuna

– Grilled ventresca / ith Sherry wine & prawns.

– Grilled tarantelo / ith Sherry wine & prawns.

– Tataki

– Sashimi

– Tartar with avocado cream and tomato jelly

Enjoy our meadowns

– Rubia Gallega Beef entrecote (300 -350 g.)

– Acorn-fed Iberian Pork Belly (Guijuelo-Salamanca)

– Acorn-fed Iberian Pork Lagarto (Guijuelo-Salamanca)

*All meats are served with homemade potatoes

Sweets temptations

– Bizmojito (mojito ice cream on mint cake and lime jelly)

– Fruit semifreddo

– Chocolate Coulant / with ice-cream

– Homemade cheesecake

– Homemade carrot pie

– Two scoops ice cream with cream and chocolate syrup

– Daily Special Dessert

*Selected home-made ice-cream, ask for the available flavours